Pay Per Click Management

Get the best ROI for your site

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is a valuable component of an Interactive Marketing campaign that is distinctively different from traditional online advertising.  A proper strategy for managing a PPC campaign is vital to the future success. We know that to maximize your ROI, you need both SEO and pay per click campaigns.

How can we help:

  • Research your best search term and keywords. We work daily to understand our clients’ markets, their goals and business.  That understanding helps us identify the best keywords and search terms for you, thus giving us the information we need to build a PPC strategy that maximizes your ROI.
  • Ads with bite. We know that a powerful ad with strong copy must talk to your target audience.  We can design that ad and help get a good click-through rate that will lower your overall spending.
  • Monitor all the pieces. Like monitoring your web site, your paid search campaign must be monitored.  We’ll point out what isn’t working and suggest how to strengthen your campaign.  If you don’t know what isn’t working, you’re wasting money and loosing potential customers.
  • Creation of landing pages and optimization: Part of a successful PPC strategy depends on the quality of your landing pages.  We’ll work to optimize your existing landing pages and design new ones that focus on the best conversion rates.

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