Q: Does your headline make you money? A: Not If You Aren’t Using These Tips.

Q: Does your headline make you money?  A: Not If You Aren’t Using These Tips.

Anything that you write for your business, whether it is website content, a blog posting, white papers or articles, or advertisements, you must have a strong headline.

Good headlines shouldn’t be “Welcome” or contain lengthy text. A good headline draws on your reader’s curosity. The goal of every headline you have should be to get the reader to read more. If your reader doesn’t like what they read, they will move on quickly, more than likely to your competitors.

There are several tried and true patterns that you can use in your headlines anytime. Here are a few examples of profitable headline patterns that can help make money. (Note: Use them for “Good” not “Evil”)

  1. Make a list of 5-10 must-read adjectives ~ “Top Ten Ways Your Website Is Failing Your Business
  2. Offer some secret information that your readers must know ~ “The Secret to Google Ads that Will Drive Your Competitors Crazy
  3. Pose an intriguing question and offer the answer. ~ “Q: Do you know the secret to your customers’ hearts? A: Steven Alexander does.”
  4. Provide a warning. ~ “Warning: Your Blog is Ruining Your Professional Image
  5. A deadline or feeling of urgency. ~ “There are two days left to get our special 80% off code. Once the time expires, this offer is gone forever.”

Well, that is just a few (sort of a “top 5 list”). Hopefully, you can see the power of a strong headline. If you can get your reader’s attention and interest, you’ll get them to want to read more. The more interested your readers are with your advertisement, or more time they spend on your website, the better chance that they will will see the value of what you’re offering and thus, they will buy from you.

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